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Our goal is to help spouses fulfill their dream of building a healthy family

Intensive Care

The Bnoon Center provides everything needed to provide an Effective, safe, and patient-centered therapeutic environment

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Helping spouses fulfill their dream of building a healthy family

Follow-up and support

Sometimes you may feel helpless and hopeless when pregnancy does not happen easily. You may feel lonely if others do not realize what you are going through, as 15% of married couples can deal with delayed pregnancy, and this means that you are not alone and that your condition is not hopeless and we are available to support you.


We have the best doctors specializing in Bnoon Center

Dr Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Shahrani

Dr Asim Fahad

Dr Dalia Adel

Dr Mohammed Ahmed Akdy

Bnoon Medical Center

An integrated medical team

The "Bnoon Medical Center" specialized in fertility offers, the necessary primary examinations and treatments for the couple. We realize that every woman is unique, according to the questions asked and the health problems of each individual case. Depending on the individual circumstances of each case, we develop a specialized treatment plan as well as the emotional, physical and financial needs.

Saudi consultants with subspecialties

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Bnoon Medical Center

Medical care

Our medical staff will strive to provide all means of comfort since you enter the center. We have designed and prepared the place so that we can provide a comfortable and attractive environment, and this is a natural reflection of dedication and sincerity in working to provide comprehensive care and well-being to patients.

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عياده مرتبه والدكتور عبدالعزيز في قمه الرقي وكذلك الطاقم الطبي ككل والمواعيد منسقه جددا .. انا استغرب من اللي يضع اللوم ع الطبيب في حال ما نجح العلاج ! الرازق الله والطبيب عباره عن سبب واكيد كل طبيب راح يختار الافضل للمرضى وفي الاخير الله بيده الرزق سبحانه ..

مرمريتا Bnoon Medical Center

عيادة بنون للمساعدة على الإنجاب. الدكتور عبد العزيز الشهراني شاطر جدا وخلوق سويت عندة تلقيح صناعي. انا ادعي له

محمد الفهد Bnoon Medical Center

مركز بنون من أروع المراكز مقارنة مع المراكز اللي مريت عليها.أطباء ممتازين وأفضل طبيب قابلته هو الدكتور محمد العقدي. بصراحة زوجي كان في غاية السعادة بعد مقابلة الدكتور وما شاء الله عليه كان يجاوب على جميع استفساراتنا أصلا مع شرحه المفصل ما يبقى معنا أسألة كثيرة. نصحونا ناس كثير راجعوا معه في مدينة الملك فهد الطبية وفي مركز بنون وقالولي نسب الحمل عنده عالية جدا وشخص أمين وصريح يا رب أرزقني من فضلك وأرزق كل إنسانة

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