HealthPlus Fertility and Joelle Mardinian launch a special initiative to cover IVF and fertility treatments for 6 lucky couples in UAE

5 March 2018 – UAE: United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical) and Joelle Mardinian announced an initiative on the occasion of Mother’s Day to cover IVF and fertility treatments for 6 lucky couples in HealthPlus Fertility Centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, part of UEMedical group.
Mr. Majd Abu Zant, CEO of HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers, part of UEMedical said, “The selection process will be executed through a random digital selection on the applications submitted on HealthPlus Fertility website. This initiative comes in line with the group’s corporate social responsibility, which always aims to offer support to couples and give back to the community which contributed to making HealthPlus Fertility one of the largest fertility centers in the UAE. We also aim through such initiatives to spread awareness on fertility problems. I would like to thank Mrs. Joelle for her efforts in spreading awareness and adopting such initiatives, which have a good impact on the society.”
He also clarified that couples living in UAE can apply to this initiative on HealthPlus Fertility website through HealthPlus and Joelle Instagram and facebook accounts. The final selection will take place in March through a random digital raffle, and Mrs. Joelle will inform the couples as soon as the selection ends to start with the appropriate treatment in HealthPlus Fertility Centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Mrs. Joelle Mardinian, TV presenter and Entrepreneur, stressed on the importance of this initiative in collaboration with HealthPlus Fertility Centers, as many couples suffer from fertility problems and can’t afford the costs of these treatments.
She also said, “These humanitarian and social initiatives play a big role in helping couples with fertility problems, spreading awareness about fertility treatments and problems, as well as the importance of healthy eating habits and exercising starting from an early age which prevent many health problems.”
Dr. Walid Sayed, Medical Director and Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology (IVF) Consultant at HealthPlus Fertility Centers said, “the selected couples will go through comprehensive tests to determine the appropriate treatment plan to provide the best outcomes. HealthPlus Fertility Centers have advanced medical equipment, highly qualified physicians and staff who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Having all the required services and specialties within our centers help achieve the best outcomes and success rates that are comparable with rates in the UK.”
He also added that more than 3000 treatment cycles take place annually at HealthPlus for couples suffering from infertility. Patients come to the center from different emirates in UAE, and the GCC region, making HealthPlus Fertility Centers amongst the largest in the region.