Egg Collection

Before Egg Collection:

You will need to fill out various forms including your IVF treatment and surgical consents. Please ensure both of you, as couple, read and signed all forms before the day of egg collection. Incomplete consent forms may end up by cancellation of your treatment.

Please ask your physician if you are unsure what medications you should continue to take.

You will be required to refrain from eating and drinking from midnight the night before the day of egg collection.

Day of egg collection:

You will be asked to arrive at 07:30 AM prior to your procedure to meet with a pre-op nurse and your anesthesia physician. It is very important that you come at the correct time in order to ensure that your case is not delayed. You should contact our center immediately if you are running late.

Please DON’T FORGET to bring your original, valid identifications with you and present them to our staff upon arrival.

For Saudi: National ID cards for both husband and wife + family card.

For Non-Saudi: Iqama Cards for both husband and wife + marriage certificate

Please do not wear lotion, makeup, perfume or jewellery. You will need someone to drive you home from the center after the egg collection due to the IV sedation, please avoid public transportation. We recommend that a responsible adult or caregiver remain with you at home for the rest of the day following the egg collection.


After egg collection, it is common to feel sleepy and possibly experience mild pain, nausea, and slight dizziness. It is important to not schedule any business or social activity directly following your procedure to give yourself time to rest completely that day. Most patients tend to feel fine the day after their procedure and are able to go back to work.

Keep in mind that the ovaries will often be enlarged and intercourse may be somewhat uncomfortable. We therefore recommend that you avoid sexual intercourse following the procedure till after embryo transfer to reduce the chance of pain. Otherwise, sexual intercourse is not harmful after that period of time.

It is normal to have mild vaginal bleeding after egg collection. It, often, comes from the vaginal wall ‘the area of needle penetration’. Usually, it lasts for 3 days but if you feel that the bleeding is heavier than a period and you change your pad more frequently, every less than 30 minutes, in the next 4 hours after the procedure then you have to contact your physician or treatment coordinator at the center.

Egg collection is one day procedure and it is recommended to stay in the town over night to ensure everything is going well with you. You can travel outside town by next day if you are OK.

On the same day of egg collection, you have to follow the instructions of starting vaginal and oral Progesterone at night, then twice from next day till the day embryo transfer and through the day of pregnancy test, as Bnoon’s protocol.

Any additional adjuvant treatment prescribed by your physician should be started on the same day of egg collection at night. Example: Antibiotics, Aspirin, Clexane, Injectable Progesterone, etc.

Some of these medications are for short term and others are for longer term of period, therefore take them as exactly instructed by our team.

On next day after egg collection, you will be contacted by our canter through treatment coordinator to check on you and make sure all are well and you will be informed about your eggs and fertilization outcome as well as the expected day of embryo transfer. If any new information appears during this period till the day of embryo transfer you will be contacted and informed.