Embryo Transfer/Replacement

The embryo transfer will be done 3-5 days after the egg collection. It is a simple procedure where a soft catheter will be loaded with the best formed embryos and then introduced inside the cavity of the uterus to place the embryos. Embryo implantation will take place in the next coming few days and pregnancy test will be apparent after 14 days from the day of embryo transfer.

Before performing the procedure

You will be asked to have full bladder before performing the procedure to facilitate introduction of the soft catheter into the uterus. You DON’T need to be fasting.


After embryo transfer you will remain for 30 minutes in the recovery room, however, you can go to the toilet any time if you need to. You can go home that day and you are NOT prohibited from your normal activity but avoid exertion like; heavy exercise, lifting or pushing heavy objects.

You can avoid sexual intercourse 2-3 days from this day BUT it is not harmful after that period

You can travel by car or airplane next day, if you need to, since there is no evidence this will be harmful. If you are working, you can resume your work from next day following embryo transfer.

You are required to continue on the same medication as before embryo transfer and as instructed by your physician. It is normal to have brownish vaginal discharge because of progesterone hormone used for luteal support

This brownish vaginal discharge is not considered bleeding and you don’t need to do anything about it.

In case of bright red spotting or bleeding red from the vagina you need to contact the center and consult your physician for further instruction.

Usually, you will be instructed to either increase the dose of progesterone already using or adding other form of progesterone to the current ones.

Please follow the instruction of your physician since each case is a unique.

If your quantitative pregnancy test is positive, then you need to repeat it, at least, after 48 hours to ensure it is progressing normally. If all are well, continue all medications until you see your physician.

You will be scheduled 2-3 weeks later to have pregnancy ultrasound to ensure pregnancy location and viability.

We understand that the waiting period of 2 weeks before pregnancy test is stressful for both couples. However, staying faithful, optimistic and going back to your normal usual activities and avoiding bedridden life helps a lot in minimizing stress and promotes your self-confidence.