Egg Freezing

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We are, at Bnoon Medical Center, delighted to be the FIRST, and currently, the ONLY reproductive medicine center in Saudi Arabia to retain and offer this technology for our patients if indicated.

Egg freezing is, relatively, a new challenging technique in which ovarian stimulation is required similar to the standard IVF. Then the collected eggs will not be injected with the sperms but rather will be stored using the ‘Vitrification Method’ without fertilization. In a future plan for pregnancy, the frozen eggs will be warmed again then will be injected using husband’s sperms to produce embryos and the process will be similar to standard IVF and embryo transfer.

Egg freezing can be offered to:

  • Women diagnosed with cancer. Egg freezing offers a chance to preserve eggs prior to chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Most of these treatments destroy the eggs and lead to infertility. In some cases, viable eggs may be present after cancer treatment. Fertility preserving options vary depending on age, type of cancer, and cancer-treatment plan.
  • Women undergoing standard IVF but some emerging technical issues regarding the husband’s sperms, rescue egg freezing would save the eggs, temporary, for later date when the husband’s sperms are ready for use.

Informed Consent for the treatment is essential and has to be completed by the patient.