Swim-Up for Gender Wish

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As we all know, it is ultimately Allah’s will to get pregnant with the gender you desire. That is, if you are destined to have it, you will have it, and the opposite is absolutely true. We understand the desire to balance your family. We will do everything in our capacity, based on scientific evidence, to help you increase your chances of having a child of your desired gender.

The swim-up method for gender selection is the separation of X and Y-sperm using a standard technique in which the isolated motile Y-sperm is used to be placed inside the uterus using the intrauterine insemination technique. This increases the chances of having more male or female sperm in the sample used to fertilize the eggs. The chance to get pregnant in a male is, approximately, 70%. There is still 30% chance this pregnancy will end up to be a female. This is because there is No sperm sorting method 100% accurate in sorting the sperm into male and female batches.

The Process:

  1. Semen is placed in a test tube then washed and centrifuged.
  2. A culture medium is carefully placed on top of the semen. The medium is a hospitable environment for the sperm, and healthy sperm will swim up into it. Slow and immobile sperm are left behind, along with most debris in the semen.
  3. The test tube is let stand an hour or so; in some cases, it is placed at an angle, and/or in an incubator.
    In the standard procedure, the top layer is collected for use. Using this technique for attempted male gender selection, a small fraction of the top layer is first discarded. This practice is based on the following theory: A small fraction of X-sperm are the fastest of all • Next fastest are the Y-sperm • Slowest are the majority of X-sperm. The modified swim-up attempted to discard that first group of fast X-sperm
  4. The portion retained for use may be washed and centrifuged again, the swim-up method is approximately 70% accurate in sorting the sperm into male and female batches. The ‘predominantly’ male or female batch is then used to fertilize the eggs. The process of ovarian stimulation is similar as ovulation induction described previously.
    If pregnancy occurs, you need to continue on the luteal support medications with the same dose and frequency till 12 weeks or otherwise recommended by your physician. Subsequently, a follow-up visit for pregnancy ultrasound will be arranged. If pregnancy test is negative, you need to arrange a follow-up visit to see your physician for further discussion of future plan and recommendation.
  5. Informed Consent for the treatment is essential and has to be completed by both husband and wife.